Suppliers of logs and kindling

Suppliers of logs and kindling in Devon


Amazing offers on fuels, logs and kindling

Want to stockpile kindling ready for winter? Looking for firewood? Contact A.J. Gibbons Coal Merchant now. We provide you with seasoned hardwood which is dry and burns exceptionally well.
To schedule your delivery, or for more information on our range of logs and kindling,
get in touch with your local fuel suppliers today.

Over 20 years' reliable service

Whatever the weather, you can trust A.J. Gibbons Coal Merchant to have your delivery to you promptly and at a competitive price. Whether you need logs, kindling or solid fuels, we offer a great selection to suit your requirements.
fuel and kindling

Fuelling your home for less

Fuelling your home in the cold months can be costly, ensure that you get the right fuel to suit you at a price to suit your budget. Contact us now and arrange your fuel and kindling delivery today.

Find out about our amazing offers on logs and kindling with prompt delivery in the Devon area
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