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Solid fuel suppliers in Devon

Homefire Ovals

Homefire Ovals is one of the most popular smokeless fuels for multi-fuel stoves and open fires.
• Lasts up to 40% longer than house coal
• Generates up to 30% more heat
• Produces up to 80% less smoke

Wildfire Coal

Wildfire is a high performance alternative to House Coal which is designed for use on open fires.
Powerful and efficient, Wildfire is a seamless blend of three types of fuel. Anthracite, coal, and petroleum coke. Wildfire takes on the characteristics of each material, making it easy to light, a low producer of ash, and a high heat producer.
Wildfire burns with a natural and attractive flame, and with the same glowing intensity of house coal, but lasts much longer, produces up to 20% less C02, and can be banked comfortably overnight. Wildfire is not suitable for burning in smoke control areas.

Anthracite Large & Small Nuts

This natural smokeless fuel is ideal for use in cookers, boilers, and other closed appliances. Anthracite nuts pack together tightly to create an intense and long lasting fire bed which is popular with those looking for efficient heat. Anthracite nuts is a high performance fuel which burns with a high heat and low flame, and leaves little ash behind. Suitable for burning in smoke control areas.

Maxibrite Smokeless Coal

Maxibrite Smokeless Coal is a highly regarded as the number one smokeless fuel for cookers, room heaters, and stoves. Maxibrite remains the country's first choice of high performance smokeless fuel.
The hard, clean maxibrite briquette provides long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat. In the right conditions, maxibrite will slumber for hours.

Colombian Coal

Colombian Coal isone of the highest quality house coals available, and is ideal for use on open coal fires.
Naturally lower in ash, moisture, and sulphur, Colombian House Coal is easy to light, and will give a strong and long lasting fire with a pleasant, natural flame, and low residual ash.

Traditional House Coal

Traditional House Coal is a popular coal for use on open fires, and some coal burning appliances.
Traditional House Coal is easy to light, burns with a long and strong flame, and has a low ash content, making it relatively easy to clean up after. This coal burns with a long and natural flame.

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Solid fuel suppliers serving Devon and the surrounding area
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